Tuesday, July 21, 2009

silent tears

Opening her arms to me
Her mouth forms
The words
Coming so desperately
In her silence
An urgency
To know who
It may be
Is it any one?
I turn to leave
Yet I see as
She opens her
Arms to the next
To walk through
That door as her
Silent plea
Her tears speak
And her reaching arms shout
Aloud of her need
Her desperate plea

It has been said that a mother knows the cry of her baby. She can be surrounded by crying babies and can pick out the pitch and tone of her babies cry. I wonder how the baby knows his or her mother. Can the baby smell the scent of the mother? Or does the baby sense the mother by her appearance?

The babies at Thembacare don't have the opportunity to differentiate. Everyone is called Mami. Even the men who come in. Eugene came to play with the kids last week and Anavoyo called him Mami. How sad to hear these little babies crying out to mami when everyone yet no one is mami.

Every time I go over to Thembacare, the orphanage, the babies are crying and reaching out to be held. There is one baby, Anavoyo who cries silently. It takes a few minutes to realize that she is crying because she doesn't make any noises, the tears flow down her face.

My heart breaks when I hear these little ones crying and I wonder, how does God feel about these babies? How does His heart break for them?

How many orphans are there in the world? How many are orphaned emotionally and spiritually while physically they have parents? How many still are left completely abandoned?