Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dear Dr. Sears,

In light of the recent indictment against your medical license and career, I would like to respond.  I believe in note taking like any other responsible American and health practitioner.  When you were writing the notes about the 2.5 year old patient, why didn’t you include all the details of his medical history?  I suggest that you be put on probation so that you can take some extensive English immersion note taking classes.  This way, your license won’t have to be revoked for something so silly as not being detailed enough in your notes. 

Oh wait, are we talking about vaccinations too?  You wrote an exemption letter for a child who reacted to vaccinations?  Oh, now I see why you are in risk of losing your medical license.  You aren’t making enough money for Big Pharma and the vaccine industry, so you make have to step down and allow another doctor to continue to manipulate his patients into vaccinations even after a vaccine reaction such as autism. 

Yes, I said it.  Vaccines and autism.  Autism and vaccinations.  Vaccine reactions can lead to autism.  I know this is not very politically correct, but it may save a family from suffering this awful disease of autism.  In the beginning of 2000, 1 in 166 were diagnosed with autism, now it is 1 in 45.  In the packet insert of the DTaP vaccine, adverse reactions include SIDS, seizures, autism, and anaphylactic reaction.  The CDC, FDA, and every other “expert” in America (except for those speaking against vaccinations), claim that vaccinations are not in any way linked to autism.  And yet, here it is, on the packet insert.  How is this possible?

Autism and cancer as distinct and unique as they are as diseases, have many similarities.  For example, the active form of glutathione has been reduced by as much as 80% in children with autism.  Glutathione is a major antioxidant in the body and part of the Phase II detoxification system of the liver.  Without glutathione produced at proper levels in the body, the body is hindered in its ability to detoxify toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and other carcinogens.  People diagnosed with cancer also tend to have low levels of glutathione produced in their body.  

Glutathione is an antioxidant and a control mechanism of free radicals in the body.  Free radicals damage cell membranes, inactivate cell enzymes, attack fats/proteins, and interfere with cellular DNA strands.  The methylation process is meant to protect DNA from the damage of free radicals.  However, when glutathione is missing or deficient in the body, cells can become cancerous.  In fact, prostate cells that are cancerous are always glutathione deficient. 

At the age of 20 years old, glutathione begins to reduce by 10-15% per decade if nothing is done to improve the body’s ability to produce this antioxidant.  Stress, aging, trauma, infections, radiation, pollution, toxins, drugs, and a poor diet contribute to the decrease of glutathione.  Sulfur is an important component to glutathione because it causes heavy metals and free radicals to stick to glutathione so that it can be carried out of the body through bile and stool.  

Heavy metals, such as aluminum and mercury, are found in vaccinations and are highly toxic to the body.  Typically, the body stores aluminum and mercury in fatty tissues like the brain. However, when the detoxification pathways are working properly and have enough glutathione, these heavy metals can be carried out of the body through the bile and colon.  When there is too many toxins and heavy metals causing damage in the body, the body may start to develop a tumor to protect itself against septic shock or instant death.  Receiving the full vaccine schedule, which is about 60 vaccinations by the age of 18 years old, may lead to the development of cancer because of the potential carcinogenic compounds within the vaccination and because of the tendency of the body to develop an autoimmune condition from so many vaccinations.      

Why are we seeing more and more children developing autoimmune diseases such as Type I Diabetes?  The correlation seems to be with vaccinations.  In fact, a study on rats found that after the 8th vaccine injection, rats began to produce autoantibodies, immunoglobulin G & M, rheumatoid factor (RF), Anti-smooth muscle (Sm) antibodies, which are all factors involved in autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Sears, you were doing a great job helping this family avoid potential health conditions such as autism, brain damage, an autoimmune condition, and even cancer until you wrote your notes down wrong.  In fact, you were helping this little 2.5 year old boy to improve his glutathione production simply by avoiding heavy metals and other toxins from vaccinations which depletes the body's production of glutathione.  Other things that can help this little body in restoring glutathione would be:  broccoli, cruciferous vegetables, N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), garlic, onions, and selenium.  Also, a protocol of coffee enemas would increase his glutathione production by 700%! 

Dr. Sears, I hope that you continue to practice medicine and that the medical industry doesn't make an example out of you to create fear surrounding speaking the truth about vaccinations and how they can cause disease in the body.  We need more people sharing and fighting for the truth so that we can avoid autism, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.



The Prostate Miracle by Jesse A. Stoff

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Steve Jobs, I wish you would've done this treatment for cancer

I loved Steve Jobs.  I still love Steve Jobs.  I only wish he would have received and implemented better advise given his cancer diagnosis.  I wish I could have met him and handed him some useful books about cancer to read.

One of the first books that I read about nutrition included a powerful testimonial that changed my health paradigm forever.  I remember reading this book like it was yesterday because the story rings in my ears and gives me hope for anyone who feels like it is too late for them to regain their health.  The author of the book had become so sick that his doctors sent him home to die with his liver failing.  He had so many symptoms and yet no one could tell him what was wrong with him or give him solutions of how to heal.  At the end of his rope, with a will to live, he researched about Vitamin C and gave himself mega doses of Vitamin C.  His liver stabilized.  He began to read more books on nutrition and slowly regained his strength over a period of years.  His doctors sent him home to die and he found the way to heal himself!  Now he helps others regain their health when doctors have also given up.

I would have given Steve Jobs a book about Vitamin C and that book that I read so many years ago which instilled in me the principle to believe even in the face of death.  Maybe we would still have Steve Jobs among us, thinking of amazing ideas that lead to not so amazing ideas such as someone walking around The Mall Of America in a daze clicking their IPhone in order to catch Pokemon Go.  I'm sure he wouldn't be too excited about where his technology is taking some people.

I am one to not give up.  I don't think that we can give up even up to the point of someones last breath.  I've lost a lot of important people lately, one of those people was my grandma.  I remember being in the hospital with her and asking her what she wanted.  I asked her if she was scared and she nodded her head yes as she was unable to speak with a breathing tube attached to her mouth and nose.  She wanted the breathing tube out of her mouth.  She didn't want to rely on it in order to breath.  She knew that without it, she may not make it out of that hospital.  It was her choice and her choice was respected.

The thing that makes it so hard for me to process is that many people are not being given this choice, whether they want to live or die.  And why is the most sacred place of free will denied in many situations?  Because people in near terminal states many times are not educated about different options for treatment.  They are told many times that there is nothing else that can be done, medically or nutritionally.  At the same time, there are many breakthroughs discovered by brilliant researchers, scientists, and doctors, that are hidden.  The information has been destroyed through the backlash of an industry that isn't open to new ideas.  They are content to maintain the status quo.

However, many are not content with the status quo.  Recently, I spoke with a nurse who worked in oncology.  She lamented of being with children who were given chemotherapy and not expected to ever leave the hospital.

And why were these children not offered any other support besides chemotherapy?  Because the breakthroughs of health pioneers have not been fully accepted.  It took 200 years for the concept of Vitamin C healing scurvy to be accepted.  And yet there is still resistance that Vitamin C is useful for cancer patients.

Dr. Linus Pauling discovered in 1976 that patients given high doses of Vitamin C survived 3 to 4 times longer than patients who did not receive the treatments.  Why is Vitamin C not given to cancer patients in hospitals as a standard of care?  Because The Mayo Clinic (yes, the Mayo Clinic), performed 3 studies failing to follow the same protocol of Dr. Linus Pauling and successfully discredited his work by "proving" that Vitamin C infusions had no profound effect on cancer patients.  Quickly after these studies discredited Dr. Linus Pauling's work, 4 independent studies were done using the exact protocol as Pauling and confirmed his findings.

Can you imagine being Dr. Linus Pauling? You discover something that actually allows someone with cancer to live 3 to 4 times longer than other patients and instead of receiving an award, recognition, and fame, your name and your research is slandered by The Mayo Clinic.  And who are people going to believe?  Exactly.  The Mayo Clinic.

Thus, everyone believes that the Mayo Clinic has already studied Vitamin C and that it is not useful for cancer patients.  And no one has heard of Dr. Linus Pauling, so everyone keeps moving forward to find the cure for cancer having tunnel vision towards gene therapy.

The other problem is that people may believe that Vitamin C is helpful during cancer, but they google the proper dose of Vitamin C and find the US RDA for Vitamin C to be 75 mg.  This amount will barely keep you from getting scurvy, but it definitely will not even trigger one leukocyte to go off and fight cancer cells.  The next thing that happens is that the same person that googled the proper dose of Vitamin C, heads to Walgreens and buys Walgreens brand of Vitamin C which contains toxic fillers, hindering your body from absorbing any of the nutrient that your body so desperately needs.

We need to thank someone for this chaotic mess of a nightmare that we just entered into.  Ah yes, we have someone to thank.  Thank you Mayo Clinic for sabotaging an honest man's life's work and making him look like an idiot so that more people can die from cancer or worse die from chemotherapy.  And thank you, Mayo Clinic, for ruining people's lives every day and not allowing someone like Steve Jobs to find out about Dr. Linus Pauling's research breakthrough.  You have found a way to steal someones sacred choice of whether they want to live or die by sabotaging life-saving information.

This is why my blog exists.  I want to inform and educate the average person so that I can undo the mess that The Mayo Clinic and other such corporations have done to hinder the health and healing of amazing, important people in America. People like you and me.

Quick snap shot of Vitamin C, what does it do?  (you would need to do the proper dosing and protocol to achieve great support of the body, Dr. Linus Pauling used 10,000 mg per IV Vitamin C treatment, 1,000 mg every hour until runny stools is appropriate)
  • Helps in the formation of collagen, a protein that holds our cells together.  If collagen is abundant and strong, cells hold together well and can withstand a tumor from growing.  
  • Necessary for our immune system to create and send off leukocytes to fight cancer
  • Strengthens the immune system while targeting and destroying cancer cells by being preferentially toxic to cancer cells alone
  • Helps to transport oxygen, a nutrient that tends to be deficient with a cancer diagnosis 
  • A vital antioxidant when given in high doses ends up overdosing the malignant cells with more Vitamin C than they can handle leading to cell death of these cancer cells


Cancer:  Step Outside of the Box by Ty Bollinger