Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kloeks at Home!!!

The best thing about living in a new place is sharing it with people who love you.

My parents came to visit during the school break for 15 days! It was so incredible!

The cool thing is that my family has some sort of connection because our last name is Dutch and there was a Dutch colony in South Africa in the 1600's before Britian came and took over.

So we have family in Africa! Yay!

My parents arrived in September after a long journey from America...they stopped in Amsterdam along the way with a screaming baby sitting behind them...and we were reunited in the beautiful country of South Africa!

My parents came in time to celebrate their wedding anniversary and celebrate we did! We found many beautiful, incredible places in Cape Town...discoveries that I surely would not have made without my parents!

One place in particular we discovered on the Eastern Cape was a restaurant named, "Kloeks at Home!" How ironic and completely hilarious to find a restaurant welcoming us "home" to Cape Town, South Africa. My parents and I stood laughing outside the door of the restaurant for what seemed like 10 minutes until we managed our way inside to introduce ourselves to our new family, Kloek!

The owner of the restaurant shared that her nickname growing up was Kloek because she was so motherly and Kloek means "the sound that a mother hen makes when she gathers her chicks."

We laughed with Kloek and stared in amazement as my father and her stood next to each other for a picture....they looked like they could have been related...

Wow! What an amazing surprise in a small town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

The best part of the trip came when my mother and father visited the orphanage that I had been working at...the little babies loved loved my father...One little one would run up to my father laughing hysterically until he picked her up. Another little boy cuddled up next to my father and didn't want to let go....

This was my favorite part....sharing my mission and passion with my family who had traveled so far and not knowing what to expect, they found beauty and joy that they did not know existed in South Africa.