Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Green Umbrella Professional Training Course

As a holistic practitioner, I have loved my job, my passion, my calling to help bring health and hope to many.  As in many seasons and times, there is a time to continue moving forward and there is a time to expand.  The time to expand has come now.

I am so excited to help others through the passion and calling of establishing a practice as a Nutritional Therapist.  It is the best decision that I have ever made for my life and it has given me the freedom and flexibility to live my dreams and passions.

The last 5 years have been some of the most challenging and most rewarding times of my life.  I am happy to say that these years as a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner has made me better, more humble, more passionate in my dream to help those who are suffering.

What is The Green Umbrella Professional Training Course?

It is a training program for holistic practitioner's to grow into a practitioner who can be confident and resourceful with each and every client and situation that comes to their practice.  Through digging into deeper knowledge about the health and synergy of our bodies, minds, and emotions, we will come to the place of understanding and an ability to guide others through profound levels of healing.

Please contact me for more information if you would like to join me on the journey of establishing your business as a practitioner and I would be happy to help!

Holistic Practitioner Professional Growth Course

How is the health of your business affecting your own health?

We all know that our adrenals need a break.  With financial pressures and the unknown of how to help our clients and how to grow our business, we can sometimes feel stuck.  That is where this course becomes vitally important.  It is time for someone else to care about your health, your adrenals, and the health of your business.  Let’s take care of your business and give your adrenals a break!

This program is for you if:
You have a passion and vision to help your clients with their health
• You have encountered clients who you don’t know how to help and who you feel overwhelmed at their symptoms and health problems

• You want to grow as a professional and learn practical tools that will help you be more effective as a practitioner and more confident with the results
• You want to learn how to develop multiple streams of income as a practitioner and how to sustain yourself financially
This training was created by a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner for other Nutritional Therapist’s and holistic practitioner’s who are committed to the success of their business and health of their clients!  I want to give you my secrets to success so that you can experience that same success!

What will you learn?
  • New methods of nutritional testing to give you access to more information about how to help your client
  • New methods of supplementation including Fibroblast Growth Factor
  • New levels of understanding of how the body works at the cellular level and how autoimmune disease and cancer develops in the body
  • New levels of understanding of the emotional and spiritual roots to disease and dysfunction in the body
  • How to incorporate multiple streams of income into your practice and ideas of what streams of income will benefit your business
  • How to develop the mindset and discipline of a successful business owner
  • Ways to expand your vision and capacity for individual growth and growth as a business person
  • And much more

Benefits of working with The Green Umbrella
  • Training and furthering of expertise to be able to bypass learning curve and find success with clients quicker
  • Group training twice per month
  •  Eligible for laboratory accounts with biofeedback testing
  •  Laboratory account access with micro-deficiency blood work after training period (expanding models of testing for best results with clients)      
  • Training in other modalities of nutritional testing (blood work and biofeedback testing)
  •  Mentorship/internship opportunities to develop quickly as a holistic practitioner
  •  Personal access to Megan for troubleshooting, marketing, and mentorship (2 hours per month!!)
  •  Opportunities for personal health growth and professional growth through all sessions 
  •   Addressing emotional/spiritual components to health
o   What thought patterns contribute to poor health
o   What emotions contribute to poor health
o   Effective strategies for overcoming negative emotional or spiritual health patterns and learning how to address it in your own life and the lives of your clients
  •   Developing in philosophy, mindset, and character of a business professional

5 months of training into The Green Umbrella Model of Care (10 total group sessions and 5 total one on one mentorship sessions!)

Module 1:  Business psychology and leadership:  successful habits and mindset of a leader, multiple streams of income
Module 2:  Fibroblast Growth Factor:  The latest research and how this incredible growth factor directs stem cells and causes healing at a profound level
Module 3:  How to use Fibroblast Growth Factor in your practice, supplementation and how to test/use with clients including dosing, healing reactions, and special considerations
Module 4:  Multiple streams of income:  how to develop and incorporate multiple streams of income into your practice, what are possible streams?
Module 5:  Health at the cellular level, how to simplify your understanding of the body to be a great practitioner!
Module 6:  Cancer, how do people develop cancer, including alternative treatments and where to refer clients when your client is outside your scope of practice
Module 7:  Biofeedback testing/energy work:  What is biofeedback testing?  How to incorporate it into your practice
Module 8:  Blood work with Spectracell:  Micro-deficiency blood work and how to incorporate it into your practice
Module 9:  Emotional roots to disease:  Why do some people heal and some do not?   How do negative emotional patterns play into disease and what are the specific hindrances to healing?
Module 10:  Emotional roots to disease continued

Hi!  My name is Megan Van Zyl and I am the owner and CEO of The Green Umbrella!  I am very excited to present to you the NTP Professional Growth Training. 

My vision for The Green Umbrella began in South Africa as I was working in an orphanage and saw such a need that I didn’t know existed.  My heart broke and it started me on this journey of finding a way to fund orphanage work through my other passion:  nutrition. 

The Green Umbrella Mini Clinic’s training starts this fall, 2014!  I have been so excited to build up other holistic practitioner’s and help them find the support and motivation to take their business to the next level!

As a practitioner myself, I know how it feels to strike out on your own and start and sustain a practice day in and day out alone.  I know how difficult it becomes to learn from another mistake, hear another no, and continue to move forward in helping people and believing for that business breakthrough.  That business breakthrough came for me and I want to help you find that same breakthrough!

I created The Green Umbrella Mini Clinics with YOU in mind.  You are passionate; you are healthy and striving towards greater levels of health in your life.  You love to help people and you have compassion on those who are suffering with their health.

However, you need help to focus your efforts in a manner that is proven to be fruitful both in your one on one interactions with clients and in your marketing and business efforts.

As a Nutritional Therapist, I have combined all that I have learned in my years developing into a seasoned practitioner and developed a training and educational course for holistic practitioner’s.  My goal is to train and establish practitioners into their own thriving practices.

I am excited to collaborate with you and bring your business new vision, energy, and success!

To your health and thriving business,

Megan E. Van Zyl