Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Confessions of an honest theorist AKA conspiracy theorist

I am debating calling myself an honest theorist as opposed to a conspiracy theorist.  However, I love the sound and drama surrounding conspiracy theorist.  I may not mind being called a conspiracy theorist.  There are just so many conspiracies in this world to dismantle, why not call it what it is?

Since we are delving into intense territory surrounding hit men, the mafia, people dying or being murdered, Big Pharma, the government, and conspiracy theories, I decided that this week should be a get to know me week.  You probably want to know, who is this woman who is sabotaging the shroud of darkness and silence surrounding the powers that be?

First thing that you need to know, I am pregnant.  I mean obviously pregnant.  When I was 10 weeks along, people were confidently asking when I was due.  Seriously?  Yes, it happened quickly.  Found out I was pregnant and all of a sudden I was ravenously hungry.  I felt like I had never eaten anything in my life, ever.  I was making up for lost time.  I ate in the morning and 2 hours later, starving.  I had to plan my life around eating.  Any time I left the house, I had to make sure that I ate before I left, just in case it would take me longer than 2-3 hours.  If I was working all day, I planned my day around where I could find food or I would bring a cooler with me full of food, just in case.  One day, I remember, I ate dinner once.  Then I was hungry again, so I ate a second dinner.  Just as I was trying to fall asleep, I woke up because I was too hungry.  So I ate a third dinner.  What?  Who does that?

The worst part about all this is that I was gaining weight so rapidly; people would stare at me in absolute confusion when I said my due date.  I am staring right back, thinking, what did you expect?  Did you expect to have to deliver my baby for me, right now, on the spot?  Seriously people.  I stopped sharing my due date or I started to be vague about it as to avoid the confused stare.  I have been asked if I am having twins more than ten times (usually a guy is asking this, clearly they have no clue) and I have seen the "look" on people's faces that they are thinking it, but not bold enough to ask.  Lately, I have been thinking about how comforting it would be to answer the question or thought bubble about the twins by shouting, SHUT UP!  And promptly walking away.  Ah, pregnancy hormones.  Thank you.

But on a serious note, being pregnant is scary.  The other night, I was watching a movie with my husband and I felt like I couldn't breathe.  I started to panic, thinking that this was it.  I was going to kill myself on accident, while pregnant.  My husband calmly told me to change my position because I was literally closing off my air supply by laying in a weird manner.  Oh, now I can breathe.  One minute, I thought I was going to die because I was suffocating and the next minute, I was fine.

Last week, I tried to remove wax from my ear using a Qtip and all of a sudden, I couldn't hear.  My earwax fell into my ear cavity and completely blocked my capacity to hear.  I felt like I was swimming underwater.  I couldn't hear for an entire week out of that ear.  Again, I started to panic.  I called my birthing center to ask them what to do.  I left an urgent message saying, 'please call me as I am having THE symptom.'  The nurse called back to listen to my plight.  I was ready to go to the birthing center and check myself in.  Do you have any rooms for people who are panicked and need to stay under your surveillance for a while?  I may do something stupid, like lie down wrong or put a Qtip in my ear.  The nurse calmly told me that this was not a serious situation.  Oh, so I can't come and check myself in?  No, she gave instructions to me on what my husband needed to do.  

My husband dutifully went to Walgreens to buy the syringe.  We softened the earwax with a remedy.  Then, he flushed out the earwax with warm water.  After 3 flushes, miraculously, I could hear!  One minute, I felt like I was going deaf and the next minute, the wax flew out of my ear!  I appreciated the ability to hear more than I ever have in my life.

The other day was another awkward pregnant moment.  I saw someone that I hadn't seen in about 1 year.  It was in a work situation, so this person did not know my history or family tree.  She came up to me surprised and in awe, saying, "You look just like Megan, are you her sister?" Blank stare (I don't have a sister.  I have 2 brothers).  Seriously?  Now I am being mistaken for another person?  I laughed and said, nope, this is just what I look like when I am pregnant.  I still can't figure out if she just thought I was the fat version of Megan or if she thought I was the pregnant sister of Megan.

Pregnancy, I am coming to learn, is a type of a death.  Your body goes through so many changes, you feel so different in your skin, and you start to form new patterns to support the living being in your uterus.  I am a swing dancer.  I used to go out dancing at least once a week.  Pregnant Megan apparently is not a swing dancer.  As I have been dancing once this entire pregnancy.  I am a social person, I love being around people.  Pregnant Megan apparently is very introspective and not very social (reference the SHUT UP story).

As my body prepares to give birth to a baby, I am dying.  And as my baby comes, I will have new life and literally a new identity as a mom.  And I am wondering, who will this new person be?  My baby will be a new person and I will be a new person.  Will I become even more engrossed in exposing conspiracies or will I give up my conspiracy theories and become a type of a Martha Stewart?  Wait, she ended up in jail.  She was part of a conspiracy.  Never mind.  Not Martha.

Hopefully, this gives you insight into Megan, who is currently dying a slow death called pregnancy, and who will become a new person in July.  Yes, I am due in July, not tomorrow.  Thanks.

Now that we have cleared the air so to speak, we will move forward with confidence into the realm of the conspiracies that need to be exposed.  I am sure that you now feel more comfortable that you are in good hands and that I won't go and do something stupid like ask you if you are having twins when you are pregnant or ask if you are related to yourself.  Lol.  Thanks for listening.  I feel much better.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conspiracy-theorist or just the plain ol' truth?

At first glance, one may place me in the category of a conspiracy theorist with some of my beliefs.  Depending on who you ask what a conspiracy theorist is, I would maybe agree.  According to Urban Dictionary, a conspiracy theorist is:  A contemptuous term used primarily by the mainstream media to slander anyone who questions their monopoly on truth.  

I am definitely not a fan of the news for a variety of reasons.  Reason #1:  I cannot watch any movies or TV shows that portray animals being hurt much less humans.  I literally close my eyes and plug my ears and ask my husband to tell me when its over. Most of the news is about who killed who and how.  Reason #2:  Some of the stories are misrepresented and some stories are not represented at all.  Reason #3:  There is usually a one minute slot for good news.  Isn't there more good news in the world than just 1 minute?  Reason #4:  Stories I care about are not covered.  

So according to Urban Dictionary, I may be a conspiracy theorist because I don't really look to the news as a source of truth.  In fact, some things in the news I would question as half-truths, manipulation of the truth, and omission of the truth.  

Anyways, moving on.  Second definition of a conspiracy theorist:  A conspiracy theory is an explanatory or speculative hypothesis suggesting that two or more persons, or an organization, have conspired to cause or cover up, through secret planning and deliberate action, an event or situation typically regarded as illegal or harmful.  Thank you Wikipedia for clearing that up for us.  

Okay, that happens a lot.  So maybe I am a conspiracy theorist.  I more look it as loving truth.  I love truth.  I have always hated lies, struggle to forgive people who lie, struggle to understand people who lie, and always expect the truth.  I guess I grew up believing:  "honesty is the best policy."  My conscience has always been exceptionally sensitive and I can't handle myself when I don't tell the truth.  So I just don't lie, like ever.  

It seems, however, that many people have many things to lie about and cover up because of their hidden motives and agendas.  Or simply because they are weak, frail humans who are prone to jealousy, greed, and straight up narcissism.  So onto the story that includes an honest man who happens to be brilliant and happens to discover a cure for cancer.  Unfortunately, this story also includes a jealous, insecure, greedy, narcissist that ruins everything.  

Enter scene, Dr. Royal Rife.  Even his name is so distinguished, so brilliant, just as he was.  Dr. Royal Rife was a cancer innovator who was a scientist, a bacteriologist and held his PHD in parasitology.   

Dr. Royal Rife studied and researched cancer throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s.  He created the Universal Microscope in 1920 which was the first microscope that could examine live matter instead of dead matter.  Even today, standard electron microscopes used by many researchers end up killing cellular matter because of the high energy electrons.  The Universal Microscope was a dark field microscope that was capable of looking at the activity of live cellular matter.    

Dr. Royal Rife was particularly interested in looking at bacteria and micro-organisms in order to find any associations to the development of cancer in a person.  He had to overcome many obstacles in even attempting to study the micro-organisms in cells as he had to invent his own microscope and he developed a system of staining micro-organisms with light frequency instead of with dye.  The bacteria that Dr. Rife was attempting to find was actually smaller than the molecular structure of dye and thus dye would not be able to expose the bacteria.  

Dr. Royal Rife was very innovative and recognized with 14 governmental awards for his discoveries during his scientific research.  In fact, it would be hard to find someone more qualified and distinguished in pursing breakthroughs in cancer research. 

Once Dr. Royal Rife had his system in place for studying micro-organisms at the cellular level, using his Universal Microscope and staining with light frequency, he started to make much progress in his research.  Dr. Rife was able to prove that micro-organisms are pleomorphic, or able to change form and shape based upon the internal environment.  His discovery directly opposed the theory of Pasteur which steered the course for much of modern medicine that we know today including the use of vaccines to protect again germs and bugs from the outside without consideration of how they interact with the inner terrain of a person. 

At the time of Pasteur, Bechamp was a French chemist and biologist who directly opposed the theories of Pasteur declaring that bacteria is pleomorphic and able to change size, shape, and function through life cycle based upon the health of the host organism.  Not having access to the Universal Microscope, or Dr. Royal Rife’s staining strategy, Bechamp was unable to prove his theories about bacteria. 

Dr. Royal Rife was finally able to settle the debate between Bechamp and Pasteur as he watched micro-organisms morph before his very eyes.  In fact, Dr. Rife was able to watch as bacteria would morph multiple times until it turned into virus-sized organisms with many similar virus-like characteristics in certain environments. 

Throughout his research, Dr. Royal Rife became convinced that cancer was connected to a bacteria that morphed based upon an internal environment into a virus-like particle.  After looking at over 20,000 cancer cells within an alkaline material, he began to put cancer cells into an acidic pH and found the bacteria morphing into the virus-like particle connected to cancer, the BX and BY viral strain. 

A virus does not breathe nor does it reproduce.  Rather, a virus finds a keyhole in cells, locks in, and waits for cell to absorb it.  Once inside the cell, the virus releases genetic materials and cells start to replicate with new instructions from genes influenced by the virus.  For example, in cases of HIV, the HIV virus steals part of the protein of the cell, cloaks itself, and is able to hide from the immune system all the while replicating more cells with the genetic alterations coming from the virus.  HIV specifically steals protein from White Blood Cells, which are part of the immune system, making HIV even more challenging for the immune system to destroy.    

Thus, Dr. Rife’s theory was being developed in the 1920’s and 1930’s that a cancer cell is a healthy cell that has had its identity changed from bacteria that has morphed into something like a virus because of an unstable or unhealthy inner terrain. Our bodies contain a lot of bacteria.  Most people are familiar with the bacteria in our gut which is referred to as gut flora.  However, at the cellular level, each cell contains the smallest form of bacteria called protitis.  Protitis cannot be seen by an average microscope because they are too small. 

However, Dr. Royal Rife was clearly watching through his Universal Microscope as protitis would morph from the bacterial form into the particle form.  The particle form (a specific phase in the life cycle of protitis) would be capable to creating a tumor in the body.  Protitis are only able to become cancer-causing when the inner environment because severely disturbed, imbalanced, and unhealthy because of the body’s inability to deal with levels of toxicity which the person has been exposed. 

After discovering the morphing process of protitis into the cancer-causing particle form of bacteria, Dr. Royal Rife continued and found clinical applications to his discoveries.  His theory was that he could electrically stimulate the bacteria within the cell and have an impact.  He began to experiment with audio frequencies to see what impact they may have on the bacteria within the cells.  Dr. Rife directed the frequencies at the virus-like particle within the cancer cell hoping to kill the bacteria associated with the development of the tumor.  

Eventually, Dr. Rife was successful and found the MOR or Mortal Oscillatory Rate in which was necessary to impact the cancer viruses, BX and BY as he named them.  By 1932, Rife could destroy typhus bacteria, the polio virus, the herpes virus, and BX and BY by using unique MOR's (frequencies).  In modern times, The Rife Machine looks like a flashing blue light blub hooked up to a computer that is running software.  Oh and it makes a slight beeping noise.  Dr. Royal Rife's life work doesn't look like much, but what it does is beyond comprehension and amazing.   

In 1934, with the help of the AMA (American Medical Association), Dr. Rife was permitted to conduct the first human trial of his frequency device which he name The Rife Machine.  In the trial, 16 terminally-ill patients (patients whose standard medical treatment for their tumors had failed), were treated using the unique frequency which Dr. Rife assigned to their tumor profile.  After 4 months, all 16 fully recovered and were declared clear of cancer by their medical doctors.  

After his victory, Dr. Rife was given a banquet called "To End All Diseases" where many members of the AMA, medical doctors, and scientists honored him and his success in the first human trial of The Rife Machine.  However, quickly after his acceptance by the mainstream, the head of the AMA, Morris Fishbein, offered to buy out Rife.  The offer was quite low and Dr. Rife was not certain that The Rife Machine would be used to its full potential outside of his control.  Thus, Dr. Rife declined the offer.

Enter conspiracy theorists to the table.  

After Dr. Rife's decision, a "mysterious" lawsuit was filed against the manufacturing company that was developing The Rife Machine.  The manufacturing company quickly went bankrupt and could no longer develop The Rife Machine.  Further, three people closely associated with and supportive of Dr. Rife's work suddenly died of apparent suicide.  One person who died, Dr. Milbank Johnson was a part of the original human trial and died the night before giving a speech about The Rife Machine and why Dr. Rife's work was desperately needed for cancer patients.  Isolated, rejected, and pushed to the side, Dr. Rife struggled to find clinical application and opportunities for his Rife Machine to be used in modern medicine.  After struggling and trying for years on end, Dr. Rife died in 1971 without mainstream acceptance of his discoveries.  

As so often the truth comes to light, especially when the conspiracy theorists are involved, the motives of Fishbein were discovered.  After many years, Fishbein admitted in writing that he had been motivated to kill the discoveries of Dr. Royal Rife because they threatened the use of chemotherapy.

I would much rather be a conspiracy theorist than a narcissistic, greedy, jerk that destroyed a potentially life-saving discovery of an honest, brilliant man.  Yet again, the desire for power, money, and monopolization of the industry, a potentially life-saving discovery for millions of people had been destroyed.  

Unfortunately, this story line continues even today.  In fact, in the last year, 12 alternative cancer doctors or those associated with cancer patients have died.  Many of them were pronounced as committing suicide without further investigation and without prior issues with depression and suicidal thoughts.  In fact, many were in the prime of their career and very successful with no apparent reason to commit suicide.  We will continue this story in a future blog as I think it is important for us to be aware of what is happening.  Not afraid, just aware.  

Fortunately, the work has not been completely lost as there are some doctors who are using the original device of Dr. Royal Rife.  One such doctor, Dr. Conners, using the Rife machine with much success in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  Dr. Conners has been working with cancer patients for the last 17 years and as to date, 82% of his patients are still alive today!  This is great news!  Here is information about Dr. Conners:  http://connersclinic.com  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Emotional Roots to Cancer

These days, there are many organizations who raise money for researching and finding THE cure for cancer.  Why, if the standards of treatment have been established since the 1940’s of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, are people in search for the cure?  Possibly, we have a sense that we have not fully discovered the most successful outcomes using the current methods of treatment.

While the cause of finding the cure to cancer is noble and needed, the concept is also riddled with misunderstandings and a lack of knowledge of those who have gone before us and who have had tremendous success with treating and seemingly curing cancer in thousands of patients.  Without exception, these treatments do not include chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery as their main approach.  However, they all seem to show greater promise than the statistics and empirical data of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  Why are they not well known, if in fact they exist?

The stories of the doctors and scientists who have gone before us, will show us a glimpse of why the general public are left uninformed and unaware of great strides that have been made in cancer research as well as successful clinical application of cancer research in case studies and clinical trials.  First, I want to start with an important question for you to ponder:  If someone found an approach to cancer which demonstrated a 90% success rate in causing remission of cancer, what would happen?  How would the world respond? 

I would expect that this person would be automatically given the Noble Peace Prize and that they would be instantly famous.  This person would have thousands of patients wanting to see them, thousands of practitioners wanting to study underneath them, and millions of fans watching their work in awe.

In every case that I have studied, the response was diametrically opposite to what would be expected.  In fact, instead of being celebrated, Dr. Hamer, was put in jail for 18 months for his success of treating cancer patients in an unconventional manner.  Dr. Hamer is a German oncologist, who was practicing oncology in a conventional manner using surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, for about 15 years until his son, Dirk, was murdered.  In wake of this tragedy, both Dr. Hamer and his wife developed cancer. 

Dr. Hamer had been physically healthy up until his son’s tragic death and his subsequent diagnosis of testicular cancer.  He suspected that his other patients had similar experiences.  Dr. Hamer began to interview all of his patients to find a possible emotional link to their body’s progression to a cancer diagnosis.  In every case, Dr. Hamer found that there was a traumatic incident in which he coined The Conflict Shock Syndrome or The Dirk Hamer Syndrome (after his son). 

He abandoned the traditional model of oncology which he was trained under to develop a new approach to cancer treatment, German New Medicine.  His treatment looked beyond the physical, biochemical understandings of the development of cancer in the body, to the initiation of a conflict/shock that started in the brain.

Confirming the link of this conflict/shock, Dr. Hamer reviewed over 20,000 CT scans of cancer patients which demonstrated a lesion in the brain directly linked to the organ or area of the body affected by the cancer diagnosis.  The lesion or shadow in the brain looks like the affect of skipping a rock in water.  Spontaneous remission, as understood by Dr. Hamer, would occur as the person resolves the conflict, shock, or trauma which led to the cancer diagnosis.  When the conflict is resolved, the CT scan image changes as scar tissue along with edema develop in the same area of the brain and the cancer cells begin to be inactive or the tumor is broken up by the body.

In Japanese research, spontaneous remission occurs within less than 24 hours after the person has experienced a profound transformation in their attitude towards themselves.  This research confirms the work of Dr. Hamer and the importance of inner transformation, addressing emotional and spiritual roots to disease while expecting the body to be able to resolve the root causes of the development of the tumor.  

In all of the doctors and scientists that I have researched concerning successful approaches to cancer, no one has had the track record that Dr. Hamer demonstrates.  In treating 6,500 patients using his approach, Dr. Hamer saw 6,000 patients or 90% of his patients go into remission.  In "thanks" for his success, Dr. Hamer's medical license was revoked and he was subsequently sentenced to 18 months in prison for providing information to his patients about German New Medicine.  Unfortunately, a brilliant physician and healer was rejected by mainstream and thus many people continue to suffer under  cancer diagnosis without access to his brilliant findings and pivotal clinical applications for cancer patients.

Do you want to learn more about emotional roots to disease and how to be effective as a holistic practitioner?  In The Green Umbrella Professional Training Program, holistic practitioners will learn specific emotional roots to disease along with many valuable clinical and business tools to gain success as a practitioner both financially and clinically.  The next Professional Training Course will begin in June of 2016.  For more details on the next course, please email The Green Umbrella  yourgreenumbrella@gmail.com and visit this website:  http://www.yourgreenumbrella.com/course.php

Disclaimer:  The Green Umbrella does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  Consult your doctor if you suspect that you have a disease or need medical attention.