Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amare': Love Yourself Back.

My blog has officially been renamed. I contemplated starting a new blog for my business, but my time in Cape Town and the beginning of my business are so closely linked that one cannot exist without the other.

It has been 9 months since I have been in Cape Town, South Africa and I can still taste the ocean air and hear my babies crying. I miss them desperately but I know that they are being held by the One who loves them and chose them before the foundations of the earth.

The seed form of my business came through my experiences at a high school and orphanage in Cape Town. I loved the work that the teachers and principal were doing to change the lives of at-risk youth and I wanted to support their efforts by teaching them how to take care of their bodies.

I gave advice to the teachers about diet in order to prevent sickness and disease. I saw amazing value in what they were doing for the community in Cape Town and I knew that it needed to be sustained by their health.

My plan is two-fold, to minister health and healing to people in Minnesota and to provide for abandoned children around the world. My two passions, nutrition and babies, have combined into one venture: Amare': Love Yourself Back.

When I arrived home in January, I found a training program called Nutritional Therapy Practitioners. Nutritional therapy is a new paraprofessional certified to do Functional Evaluations in order to make nutritional recommendations to balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. I began the program in February and two weeks ago completed the course of study.

I am equipped and excited to help people find the optimal health that they are searching for so that they can achieve their live goals!

My life goal is simple: to restore life. I know that my health is a vital component to my ability to fulfill this goal. I am happy to begin and watch as Amare' grows to its full potential.

Come and join me as I pursue pearls of wisdom on how to live the most healthy and full life possible!