Friday, May 20, 2016

From suppression to manipulation to assassination

So how did we get here?  Assassinations?  People being killed for teaching and training on topics and approaches to cancer and autism that mainstream is not ready to embrace?

It didn't start with assassinations.  It started more subtly, manipulative, and sly.  The pattern is clear when the facts are discovered, but they are hidden from plain sight and need to be sought out by the careful observer.

I like to think of myself as the careful, thoughtful observer.  And I'm not afraid to look at something ugly, corrupt, and disdainful and call a spade a spade.

In many holistic treatment options discovered and developed by brilliant doctors and scientists, clinical trials were purposely sabotaged in order to block mainstream acceptance.  Let's look at one such nutritional protocol, Vitamin B17 or Laetrile.

Dr. Krebs Jr. first discovered B17 and how it works to protect the body from the development of cancer.  The B17 molecule contains two units of glucose, one of benzaldehyde, and one of cyanide.  All these components are locked together and not immediately toxic to the body.  There is, however, one substance that can unlock the B17 molecular and release cyanide.  The enzyme beta-glucosidase can unlock and release the cyanide in B17.  The most amazing and profound discovery by Dr. Krebs was the fact that cancer cells are the only cells which contain and utilize beta-glucosidase.  When B17 comes in contact with a cancer cell, beta-glucosidase is released, cyanide and benzaldehyde are unbound and act like a smart bomb to attack the cancer cell and destroy its effects on the body.

Vitamin B17 has the ability to target cancer cells and not destroy healthy cells.  One reason is that healthy cells contain a protective enzyme called rhodanese which is able to neutralize cyanide by converting it into healthy by products instantly.  In fact, cyanide is converted by rhodanese into thiocyanate in the presence of sulfur.  Thiocyanate regulates blood pressure and allows the body to produce Vitamin B12 in abundance.  Further, B17 stimulates hemoglobin or the red blood cell count.

To further support the benefits of Vitamin B17 in regards to the prevention of cancer, we can look at cultures whose traditional diets are naturally high in Vitamin B17.  The Hunza people and Eskimos both traditionally have consumed foods high in Vitamin B17.  The Hunza people eat 30-50 apricot seeds per day which contain a high amount of B17 while Eskimos consume animal meat from animals grazing on grass high in B17 as well.  With the traditional diet, Eskimos and Hunza people virtually have seen no incidents of cancer in their tribes.  However, when exposed to modern diets low in Vitamin B17, the same incidence in cancer that we are seeing in the Western world begins to develop for the Hunza people and Eskimos.

Dr. Krebs Jr. was not assassinated for his cancer breakthrough.  However, the science behind his discovery was attacked through clinical trials.  At Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura conducted clinical trials on Vitamin B17 between 1972-1977.  Through his clinical trials, Dr. Sugiura found that 1.  Laetrile or Vitamin B17 stopped metastasis in mice  2.  The general health of the mice improved  3.  It inhibited the growth of small tumors  4.  It provided relief from pain  5.  It acted as cancer prevention.

At the time, the board of directors at Sloan-Kettering was controlled by corporate executives representing the financial interests of pharmaceutical companies.  Further, three Rockefellers were on the board.  Prior to this clinical trial, Dr. Sugiura's work had never been challenged.  Also, several other researchers successfully duplicated Sugiura's experiments, finding the same results.  In fact, when Dr. Scholen added pancreatic enzymes to the Laetrile in mice, there was a 100% cure rate with the mice.

However, when the board of directors found out the significance of Dr. Sugiura's results, they demanded more clinical trials to be done.  Dr. Sugiura was made to redo the clinical trial several times.  The first two times, the results were the same, in favor of Laetrile or Vitamin B17.  The last clinical trial was set up for failure.  The mice were not put in separate groups, but allowed to mix freely, the control group with the trial group.  Dr. Suigura warned Sloan-Kettering that it would make it impossible for the lab technicians to know which mice belonged to which group and would allow for the mice to be given the wrong protocol.  Clearly, the results were sabotaged.  The "results" of this trial was that salt water stopped growing tumors 40% of the time and Laetrile only arrested the cancer 27% of the time.  This was the clinical trial that Sloan-Kettering decided to broadcast to the world because finally, Laetrile "failed."

Thus, assassinations were unnecessary in this situation.  Shoot the clinical trial until it dies and the labor, research, and discovery of the scientist will be null and void.  Unfortunately, sabotaging clinical trials that did not show favorably towards the standard of care has been quite common and we will continue to look at other situations in the past where major cancer breakthroughs were silenced and killed through various means.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Censorship by Assassination?

"Assassination is the extreme form of censorship."  George Shaw

Before we dive into assassination, censorship, and my truth theories, let's wrap up about radical remissions.  Last week, we established that radical remissions do occur in cancer and have potential to occur.  First of all, I prefer to use the language radical remission as opposed to spontaneous remission.  Spontaneous remission implies that the person who heals was doing absolutely nothing to receive a healing, simply sitting on their couch eating donuts and watching TV when all of a sudden their tumor dissolves with absolutely no engagement on their part.  When you look extensively into the lives, choices, attitudes, and involvement of people who have radical remissions, you find that their remissions are everything but unexpected, spontaneous, and without any personal engagement.  

Here are a few definitions of spontaneous:  

  • (of a process or event) occurring without apparent external cause
  • Performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.
People who have experienced what doctors term "spontaneous remissions" would probably never say that their tumors disappeared without external stimulus.  Rather, they would point to many deliberate, well thought out, conscious processes that they engaged in both internally and externally in order to bring healing and wholeness to their body.  The reason why they are termed "spontaneous remission" is because the doctor cannot claim that it was the chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery that caused this sudden remission.  And because doctors do not implement any other tools besides chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, there is no explanation that they would be able to take credit for or to be able to understand clinically.  Thus, the external stimulus is dismissed and ignored.    

The word patient means "to submit."  Patients of medical treatments are expected to receive their treatment plan without question and to submit to the expertise and knowledge of the doctor.  In most cases of radical remissions, the "patient" tends to take a more active role, researching and understanding their condition, finding other ways to support themselves during the healing process, and in some situations refusing the recommendation of the doctor because of their own knowledge, sense of what needs to be done, intuition, or finding another doctor or practitioner to work with on the healing path.  

One doctor who was not unfamiliar with radical remissions and amazing cancer recovery stories, Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez was a brilliant cancer doctor in NYC who tragically died last July, 2015.  Initially, it was suspected that Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez died of a heart attack.  However, initial autopsy results concluded that he did not die of a heart attack.  

In fact, in the last year, there have been about 33 holistic doctors who have died suddenly.  Some of suspected suicide, some of "heart attacks", and some murdered.  The strange fact is that some of these holistic doctors had a connection together and were using similar tests such as thermography scans instead of mammograms, an immune support called GCMAF used for autism and cancer to promote macrophage activity in the body, and were outspoken about the dangers and potential side effects from routine vaccinations.  There are many things that stand out in all these situations.  The first is that the holistic doctors ranged in age from 30's-60's and many family members and friends of those who died are questioning why they died or why they "committed suicide" as either they were very healthy or they were not suicidal.  

Dr. Bradstreet was known in the autism world and treated autistic children holistically, having amazing results.  Last summer, he was found in a river, shot twice in the chest by a rifle.  The case is still open, but the first speculation was suicide.  Despite the fact that his family members stated he was not suicidal and not depressed.  Despite the fact that it is very difficult to shoot yourself twice in the chest with a rifle and then jump into a river.  

And there are 31 more holistic doctors that are dead in less than a year.  All were outspoken, all were effective in their clinical practice, and all were very healthy.  What is going on?  

Is it possible that these doctors are being targeted and murdered in an attempt to censor the public and maintain status quo of Western medical practices, Big Pharma, FDA, and to quiet the voices of those who are actually seeing success in extreme cases of autism, cancer, with natural remedies and without the use of Big Pharma.  

"Assassination is the extreme form of censorship."  George Shaw

Public assassination is much easier to understand and unravel such as Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK.  However, there are so many details to unravel in the lives of these 33 holistic doctors to figure out exactly what happened.  

I don't know what happened.  However, as a truth theorist, I am suspicious of a connection.  It would make more sense at this point for there to be a connection rather than 33 completely bizarre events of 33 people working in the same domain, with equal platform and success, and with collaborative efforts.  

Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez was infamous for treating and helping Suzanne Sommers overcome a cancer diagnosis.  He wrote books about the trophoblast theory of cancer and used pancreatic proteolytic enzymes to treat cancer (along with many other protocols and support).  The trophoblast theory on cancer is based on the lifes' work of 2 doctors/scientists:  John Beard and Dr. William Kelly.  John Beard was a scientist who first studied and discovered how trophoblast cells create the placenta in the womb of a mother.  Normally, the human immune system is trained to tag and attack any foreign matter.  If a baby were to develop outside of a placenta, the immune system could potentially tag and attack the cells of the embryo, deeming it "foreign matter."  However, trophoblast cells play a critical role to building a healthy baby in the womb.  Trophoblast cells carry a negatively charged protein coating, which causes the immune system to be repelled instead of attracted to their energy.  With beautiful synergy, the placenta is completed by the trophoblast cells at the same moment that the pancreas of the baby starts to produce pancreatic proteolytic enzymes.  John Beard discovered that the pancreatic proteolytic enzymes disabled trophoblast cells right at the moment that the placenta is fully formed and now are no longer necessary.  

Further, John Beard found that trophoblast cells act similar to cancer cells in the body.  Cancer cells have a negatively charged protein coating.  Cancer cells are invasive, undifferentiated, and aggressively multiple similar to the trophoblast cells which create the placenta.  John Beard's theory was that to effectively treat cancer, high doses of proteolytic enzymes were necessary to disable the negatively charged protein coating of cancer cells in order to allow the immune system to become attracted to the cancer cells instead of repelled.  He started to help doctors to use IV treatments of proteolytic enzymes and began to see the clinical application of his research as an absolute success.  His life's work was embraced by a few doctors, but was never accepted in the mainstream, despite the great results.  

However,  Dr. William Kelly was able to later discover the research of John Beard and treated his own pancreatic cancer using proteolytic enzymes.  He successfully recovered and would have been deemed a case of "spontaneous remission" by his own doctors.  He began to help people diagnosed with cancer with astounding results.  

Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez later connected with Dr. William Kelly and began to learn from his work and was mentored by Dr. Kelly.  Prior to his death, Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez had successfully treated thousands of cancer patients.  Because of his success, he was able to have a NCI funded clinical study on his pancreatic enzyme protocol.  Through much resistance, the clinical trials were sabotaged as Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez writes about in one of his many books.  In many of his lectures, he spoke openly about how the government or FDA would wish that he would get hit by a bus and die.  Ironically, he did die in a strange manner as the autopsy revealed it was not a heart attack and it has not been released as to what was the cause of death.  

Was the death of Dr. Nicolas Gonzalez and Dr. Bradstreet an attempt of censorship from a government agency or from Big Pharma or some other public entity wanting to maintain control over the beliefs, practices, and mind sets of the American people?  

I don't know.  But it is really creepy to me and it is not beyond the realm of possibility.  Especially since we have 33 holistic doctors dead in less than one year, all involved in great work in cancer and autism.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Rejection of Radical Remission

Spontaneous remissions or radical remissions of cancer happen.  However, despite the common belief, there is usually a reason why the spontaneous remission occurred.  There are many possible trigger points to the spontaneous remission because there are many ways that our body can heal from disease.

Why doesn't anyone hear about these stories?  We are in the information age after all.  However, the majority of people have not heard these incredible remission stories.  One reason that we do not hear these stories is because oncologists typically do not take note of spontaneous remissions because they do not fit into the normal trajectory that their patients follow or because their path for the remission is not from their conventional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  In the cases that are reported in medical journals, doctors list the biochemical changes of their "radical remission" patients, but not what might have led to their remission. 

I fully believe in our bodies ability to experience spontaneous remission from cancer.  Our body, soul, and spirit are interconnected and influence our ability to heal or our inability to heal.  Awareness and understanding of our experiences, trauma, and the connecting points to the development of cancer is pivotal to full recovery.  If we address the disease in a truly holistic way, identifying the nutritional deficiencies, bad habits, toxic exposure, thought patterns, trauma, lack of resolution of emotional roots, and spiritual roots to disease, we have the opportunity to experience a very calculated, radical remission from disease.

Fear will try to keep someone paralyzed and unable to act in positive directions towards their own healing.  When we fear cancer or fear death, we can become stuck in a passive state of taking orders and directions from other people without finding our own voice and our own active participation in healing.  Fear can cause us to make decisions without doing research, without trying to understand why we developed cancer in the first place, and can throw our body into fight or flight response where it is difficult to find a rhythm of healing.

Believe me, I know that it is difficult to not fear when you receive a diagnosis of any kind.  However, it is something that we can overcome and step beyond so that we can become active participants in our own healing.  When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was afraid of the future, afraid that I wouldn't be able to have children, or that no one would want to marry me because I may not be able to have children.  I had to move beyond the fears in order to heal.  I had to understand my part in the healing process and how to become actively involved in the outcome instead of passively receiving a prognosis from a doctor.

We need to know what kind of questions to ask of ourselves and what questions to ask of our health care professionals.  We also need to know that it has taken years for cancer to develop in the body and that there is no rush in deciding treatment options.  Fear will push us and cause us to want to rush into action, to do something, to do anything!!  However, this panicked type of decision-making can miss a lot of the details and necessary information to receive the best possible outcome.

In fact, fear triggers over 1,400 physical and chemical reactions in the body and activates 30 hormones and neurotransmitters.  Fear throws our body into fight or flight response which includes elevated cortisol levels, increased blood pressure, suppressed digestion and immune response, destroys brain cells, impairs learning, and more horrible side effects.  We need the ability to learn, to heal, and to boost our immune system, not to suppress it.  Fear therefore becomes the enemy to healing.

Many times oncologists will share statistics that seem promising, but are not necessarily connected to overall survival outcomes.  It sounds promising to hear that your tumor has a 50% chance of shrinking by 50% using chemotherapy.  However, the amount a tumor shrinks is not in any way correlated to long-term survival statistics.

Here is one example of an amazing near death experience of Anita Moorjani which led to her radical remission of cancer.  While Anita was in a coma, she became completely aware of why she had developed cancer, connected with her authentic identity, and knew that she would be completely healed of cancer once she entered back into her body.  Listen to her incredible story here:  

Be honest with yourself and take this opportunity to look at things that you have not addressed in your past and fears that you have not overcome.  If you are afraid of death, ask and ponder the question of why you are afraid of dying?  Everyone dies at some point; however, lacking an understanding or belief system that includes death or life after death is a very scary worldview to maintain.  These are the questions that we all have growing up and either we find the answers in our family of origin, in our religious tradition of origin, or we gloss over the question and move on with our "lives" as if this question doesn't matter.

One of my clients who was diagnosed with breast cancer, hit a major turning point in her own healing when she connected the dots of how she developed cancer in the first place.  When all the pieces came together of what caused the disease to develop in the first place, her confidence in her ability to heal increased dramatically and her fear surrounding not healing equally diminished.

Why does our culture and society as a whole reject radical remissions or spontaneous remissions?  I am not sure.  I wholeheartedly embrace radical remissions as not only possible, but as something to pursue.  If one person in 60,000 to 100,000 experience spontaneous remission from cancer (which is underestimated because many times oncologists do not publish these cases and many times people who experience spontaneous remissions stop going in to see their oncologist, never fully reporting the remission).  Typically, a spontaneous remission occurs after an infection around the tumor and a fever.  The infection seems to be breaking up the tumor and the fever being an indication of the strong activity of the immune system during the healing.  

My recent client diagnosed with colorectal cancer, experienced an infection around the site of the tumor for several weeks.  We took this as a great sign that her body was healing and breaking up the tumor.  When the body has what it needs from you, nutritionally, spiritually, and emotionally, it has an amazing ability to heal and find balance even in the most devastating of diagnosis's.

We cannot forget the importance of our mind in the process of healing.  A client who I was helping with her diagnosis with breast cancer, told me candidly that during a stressful custody court case with her ex-husband, "I told myself that I am going to get cancer with all of this stress."  Is this a coincidence?  Or did my client tell her body to develop cancer?  Scientifically, the mind sends neuropeptides to cell receptors in the immune system which gives them instructions on what to do.  If your mind tells your body to "get cancer because of all this stress," you may find that cancer will be what your body produces.  In cases of spontaneous remission, most people practice the art of visualizing the cancer disappearing in their body.  And many times, their body listens.

What blocks us from receiving spontaneous remissions of any disease?  Fear, passivity, lack of knowledge, lack of the pursuit of healing and lack of understanding of how the body is wired to heal.  It is my great ambition that these stories of spontaneous remission from cancer are no longer hidden from view.  We need to reject those that reject the possibility of spontaneous remission and embrace the great healing possibility of our bodies.