Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A culture of isolation, murder, and death

Why do people murder?  This question is vitally important to understand in wake of what has been happening in our nation.  Unfortunately, the answer is not simple and not easy to fix.  It is not something that gun control can change or policy changes or even political marches for awareness can change.

We must change as a nation, one heart at a time.  We have a major cultural issue in that Americans have isolated themselves, given themselves to striving and attaining wealth and possessions to the detriment and loss of familial ties and friendships.  We have sworn off connectedness to independence, isolation, and personal success.  This lack of connectedness allows betrayal, hatred, anger, bitterness, and murder plague our society in the form of murders, disease, and premature death.

My husband is from South Africa and one thing that I love about South African culture is that all the neighbors know each other, talk to each other, and support one another in a very personal, communal manner.  In our neighborhood, it is no surprise that he knows all of our neighbors and daily converses with the neighbors.  South Africa has its own cultural problems such as poverty, violence, gang activity, and murder, but for very different reasons than what we are seeing in America.  In my heart, I always think that a marriage between South African culture and American culture would produce a great, thriving culture.  

The root of murder in any culture is hatred, bitterness, anger, revenge.  A person is not born a murderer or destined to murder.  However, when a young child displays anger and rage repeatedly without learning how to forgive and release anger, this is dangerous.  When a young child does not learn the importance of forgiveness, this child may continue to harbor anger, rage, and bitterness in their heart until they are overtaken and end up killing someone.  Also, when a young child is exposed to severe trauma, violence, and abuse in the home, he or she may also display violence if their isn't sufficient therapy and support to address these traumatic roots.  Even aggressive displays of spanking can imprint trauma, abuse, and shame on a child that negatively shapes their worldview and they way that they interact with themselves and the world.  

Many times, when a person kills, they explain the feeling of being out of body or overtaken by rage.  Sometimes, they are even surprised by their violent action and the fact that they murdered.  In my mind, the premeditated part of murder is the continual obsession in thoughts and emotions of hatred, anger, and rage which many times is displaced to someone not even connected to the person.  However, there are times the murder is connected directly to the person who has hurt, betrayed, and stirred up these past emotions of anger, bitterness, and rage.  

For example, cops that murder may not benefit from training; rather, may need to understand the importance of forgiveness and identify who they hate and who they need to forgive.  This will make them more sensitive to the need at a particular moment of their service and not so vulnerable to make snap decisions out of anger, fear, or trauma from their past.    

People diagnosed with cancer many times need to forgive and release anger and rage from their bodies.  Instead of killing someone else, their hatred, rage, bitterness, and anger is killing their own bodies.  Many times, people who successfully address the underlying emotions and root traumas to their illness end up healthier emotional, spiritually, and physically after a diagnosis than prior to a diagnosis.  

However, many people are still not open and willing to look at the underlying root issues to a cancer diagnosis.  The approach is commonly to attack and kill the cancer growing in the body without a full understanding of why is is there in the first place.  So far, all of my cancer clients have identified people who they need to forgive and release anger towards.  This has made a huge impact on their healing process physically and changed the frequency of energy in their body towards higher vibrations of peace, love, and gratitude.

We would serve our nation, ourselves, and our families well if we ask the questions why and we dedicate ourselves to healing ourselves and those in our immediate circles of influence so that our culture can be healthy and whole again.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Age of the Moderation Thinkers

She sat licking her ice cream cone as her friend said, "are you allowed to have ice cream since you have cancer?"  She responded, "I can have anything in moderation and I have been struggling to keep weight on, so my oncologist told me to eat anything that helps to gain weight."  "Oh, so you can eat GMOed bovine growth hormone and sugar in moderation and it won't affect the development of your tumor?"

One of my pet peeves as a Nutritional Therapist is to hear people say, "anything  is fine in moderation."  How many people successfully eat ice cream in moderation?  One scoop leads to two which leads to three and one day a week leads to two which eventually leads to every day...  In my head, I think, pesticides, herbicides, rBGH, aluminum, mercury, antibiotics, GMO's, as long as they are in "moderation," won't affect your health?  I always think that "anything in moderation" mentality is avoiding the hard reality or truth that you can't just consume whatever you want and expect to be healthy.  The moderation thinkers want the best of both worlds, to do/eat/think/feel/behave in any way that they want to and expect exceptional results in their health and in their lives.

Any financial advisor, if you told them that you just wanted to spend your money in moderation, ignoring your budget or the reality of your financial situation, would fire you as a client and not see you as someone serious about financial prosperity.  Are you serious about prospering in your health?  Then you probably want to throw "anything in moderation" mentality out of the window.

What I know about "anything in moderation," especially with sugar, is that moderation snowballs into extreme measures of sugar after every meal (even breakfast) and in between meals as well.  Think of it this way:  if I asked you to think about something you are afraid of, but only feel fear in moderation, would you be able to do it?  A little bit of fear is hard to maintain because fear always seems to have a way of growing into immense bouts of fear that does not easily dissipate.  If I entertain fear, it will grow and become the dominant emotion/mentality of the day/moment/week/year.

Back to rBGH.  The problem with many carcinogens is that they are not on the label.  I cannot just look at a container of ice cream and see rBGH on the ingredient label, even though more often than not, it is present.

Further, I have heard too many times, oncologists recommending that their patients eat ice cream in order to combat the side effect of weight loss coming from chemotherapy treatments.  And yet, there are multiple studies linking rBGH to cancer and multiple countries in the world who have banned its use in the food supply.  Beyond rBGH, we also know that sugar feeds cancer cells and suppresses the immune system.  So what is the point of gaining weight with ice cream when, at the same time, you will be feeding cancer cells, suppressing your immune system, and potentially increasing tumor development?  

Here are some quick facts about rBGH:

  • rBGH:  1994 genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH) was approved.  Monsanto created rBGH by modifying naturally occurring bovine growth hormone in cattle so that milk production and profits could increase.
  • rBGH is banned in the European Union, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and Israel.  
  • rBGH contains Insulin-Like Growth Factor or IGF-1 which has been linked to tumor development in breast, colrectal, prostate, lung, and lymph cancers
  • rBGH also causes major side effects for cattle, causing the need to use antibiotics, which are also ingested through dairy treated with rBGH.  Antibiotics are a mycotoxin or a fungus which can cause bacteria at the cellular level, protits, to morph and change into a fungal-like component and lead to the eventual development of a tumor.
  • Before 1995 lymph cancer was very rare
  • Americans consume 180 billion pounds of dairy or 650 pounds per American per year!!
  • Lab animals treated with rBGH had huge negative changes in their lymph systems
  • Today, deaths from breast, prostate, lung, pancreatic, and genital cancer combined are less than the deaths from lymph cancer
  • This increase started after rBGH was introduced to our animals
Let's move beyond the mentality of "everything in moderation" so that we can prosper in every area of our lives and have wisdom in what we are allowing to affect our health and wellness.